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Business Planning

Business Plan

Built A Business Plan For A Regional Airport Company

SituationThe client acquired a regional airport but was at crossroad. The airport infrastructure was in a lamentable state and airport operations was meagre and it was making losses. 

Tasks-  My remit from the client was to turnaround the airport into a profitable venture by commercialising and transforming the airport infrastructure so that it could positively respond to the air transport needs of the region.

Actions- Built an inventory of the existing airport infrastructure & ascertained what could be transformed. Explored potential routes that the airport could develop and operate profitably and which could be sustained for a long period of time. Carved the vision and the mission statements of the regional airport and communicated the aspirations of the airport to all stakeholders. Developed both the Route Network Plan as well as the Airport Master Plan. Developed the non-aeronautical revenue plan and benchmarked rates with other regional airports and started marketing the airport. Developed the aeronautical revenue plan based on the Route Network Plan and benchmarked aeronautical charges with other airports. Developed a 10 Year Business Plan including a Capital Expenditure Programme taken from the Airport Master Plan. Consulted and negotiated with local funding agencies and commercial banks in view to financing long term infrastructural development. Marketed the airport with target potential airlines and other commercial entities that could potentially find the airport as a lucrative business operational base.

ResultsGot a good mention in the Aviation White Paper. A Route Network Plan, an Airport Master Plan and a 10 Year Business Plan were in place for scrutiny by potential investors. The regional funding agencies were agreeable to contribute funding and all stakeholders were bought in the development of the airport.

Business Turnaround

​To Turnaround An Overseas Acquisition

SituationThe client acquired a foreign manufacturing entity in view to maintaining market share as well as remaining cost competitive on the global market. However for over a year since the overseas acquisition took place, their operations were under threat as the previous owner failed to transfer the bond licence. My client was previously using local agents to help them but were leading to nowhere.

Tasks-  My remit from the client was to take put robust financial control systems & processes of the newly acquired overseas entity as well as to arrange for the transfer of the bond licence from the previous owner in favour of my client. 

Actions- Engaged negotiations with both the Customs Authorities as well as with the previous owner in view to understanding what were the issues, what steps that my client needed to take and by when. Negotiations with the Customs Authorities were held from the lowest to the highest hierarchy level.

Engaged conversations with my clients' legal adviser and all those consultants that were involved in the acquisition transaction.

Personally attended and ensured that all the administrative requirements imposed by the Customs Authorities were successfully implemented by my client, including a Customs audit on all imports and exports since the date of acquisition by my client.

ResultsThe customs licence was successfully transferred from the previous owner in favour of my client. The Managing Director of the newly acquired company was very happy and could therefore operate the company freely.